The Ultimate Translation App - Coming to Your iPhone Soon

A second revolution in communication is coming. Like the iPhone revolutionized how we engage with each other, Project Lingua is a translation system that will revolutionize the iPhone.

About Us.

On behalf of Lingua Inc., Project Lingua is the brainchild of a group of close friends and colleagues. Obsessed with bringing modern technology to your fingertips, this crew knew that there could be more done with translation and languages. The answer? Your smartphone.

About iPhone Languages.

More Soon.

Our Approach To Translation.

More Soon.

Our Vision For Communication.

We believe that, together, we can unlock all of life's communication secrets. And we have the ultimate tool to do so. What is it? It's in your pocket, silly. It's your iPhone.

Help Us Test

Project Lingua's vision for communication needs your help. A crowdsourcing translation app is on its way, but we'll need to set you up with the phones that can power this technology. We recommend setting yourself up with at least an iPhone that is not older than 3 generations old, like these iPhone 6 for sale. Then contact to sign up for our testing project.